Beautiful Ways to Decorate with Linen Fabric

15th February 2024

A luxury fabric that is both characterful and versatile, linen is said to be one of the oldest fabrics on the planet. Cherished by many ancient civilizations of the past, this highly durable yet wonderfully soft, natural cloth was spun to wrap their most precious ancient treasures, returning it to earth to biodegrade.

Later, contributing greatly to the economic growth of the 19th century, the linen industry played a critical role in boosting the prosperity of several countries in Europe and the Americas. 

In more recent years, linen has become is a very popular choice when it comes to interior decorating. A luxury fabric that can be styled throughout the house, linen enjoys many remarkable properties. Read on to explore more about the wonders of linen fabric and discover how to best style it in your home.

Plain Linen TableclothPlain Linen Tablecloth

Five Reasons to Use Linen in Your Home

1. Strength and Durability: Linen is known to be the world's strongest natural fibre making it an incredibly hardwearing fabric. The ideal choice for upholstery in your home, it withstands the constant wear that our furniture endures. Said to get stronger with washes, its strength and durability will see your interior pieces looking new for longer.


2. Natural and Sustainable: Made from the stalks of flax plants, linen is a great eco-friendly option for using in your home. A resilient species that can grow in very poor soil conditions, flax requires significantly less water than other natural fibres giving it a lower water footprint. Almost all of the plant can be used leaving very little to no wastage and being a being a natural fibre, linen can be returned to the soil to biodegrade.


3. Range of Designs: Being a natural fibre, linen takes dye much better than synthetic alternatives, making it a popular base cloth for creating beautiful printed designs. From the more muted tones of Cloth & Clover to the bright block prints of Molly Mahon, our range of luxury printed linens are available in a huge array of designs and colours to suit a variety of interior styles.


4. Hypoallergenic and Anti-Bacterial: For those with sensitives skin or allergies to certain materials, linen is the best options as it doesn't cause allergic reactions. Fluff-free and breathable, linen is also naturally anti-bacterial which creates a more hygienic environment in your home.


5. Year round Fabric: Breathable and absorbent, linen has a remarkable quality of keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter. The weave of the cloth allows the air to flow more freely making it popular to use across the home, from bed linen to cushions and curtains.

Plain Linen Fabric

A wonderful fabric for creating a neutral interior look, plain linens have a luxurious soft handle and slubby texture making them ideal for creating both relaxed, country interiors or more modern urban styles. Available in every colour you could ever wish for, plain linen shifts the focus back to the weave, celebrating the natural beauty of this stunning fabric and demanding the attention it deserves. Creating interiors that instantly feel calm and serene, plain linen fabrics look best when featured in a variety of different shades, layered throughout the room across curtains, cushions and upholstery.

Neutral Linen FabricsNeutral Linen Fabrics
Linen by the YardLinen by the Yard
Plain Linen Cushion CoversPlain Linen Cushion Covers
Plain Lightweight Linen FabricPlain Lightweight Linen Fabric

Printed Linen Fabric

A highly favoured fabric choice for those wanting to add colour and pattern into their home, printed linens are available in a huge array of designs. With our bestsellers celebrating the beauty of the countryside, tree and leaf designsfloral linens and bird prints look wonderful as bespoke roman blinds, upholstered on sofas and chairs and inject movement and narrative to full length curtains.

Still retaining their textural weaves and tactile appeal, printed linens also look wonderful when styled alongside other fabrics such as luxurious velvets or cosy wools to add contrast and attractive surface texture into your scheme.

Printed Linen FabricPrinted Linen Fabric
Linen Cushion and Blind FabricLinen Cushion and Blind Fabric
Patterned Linen Table ClothPatterned Linen Table Cloth
Linen Sofa Upholstery FabricLinen Sofa Upholstery Fabric
Printed Linen FabricPrinted Linen Fabric

Interior Looks that Feature Printed Linens...

Country Cottage Interior IdeasCountry Cottage Interior Ideas

Country Cottage Interiors

Mixing printed florals, checks and gingham linen fabrics will add instantaneous charm and a cosy feel to your home. Our ever popular English Country Linens Collection is a particular favourite to style in characterful properties.

Coastal Interior IdeasCoastal Interior Ideas

Coastal Interiors

Styling bold deckchair stripes with textural, plain linens in a selection of blueswhites and greys will summon those nautical vibes and create the perfect beachside retreat that is instantly relaxing and calm for its visitors.

Modern Country Design IdeasModern Country Design Ideas

Modern Country Interiors

Block print geometrics, simple trellis designs and small scale floral linens, upholstered on statement chairs, dainty lampshades and scatter cushions will add playful pops of colour to this sophisticated interior style.

Linen Curtain Fabric

Linen fabric drapes beautifully and is a wonderful choice for creating stunning curtains and roman blinds for your home. Striking the perfect balance between billowy and tailored, linen curtain fabric is soft to the touch but retains a slight stiffness that looks lovely when hung to frame your windows or French doors.

Breathable and strong, your linen curtains will withstand being washed (or dry cleaned) and will dry much quicker than other natural weaves. Depending on the look you want for your home, you can either iron your drapes for a crisp finish or leave them to develop the signature creases for a more relaxed and rustic interior style.

Floral Linen Curtain FabricFloral Linen Curtain Fabric
Floral Linen FabricFloral Linen Fabric
Ikat Linen FabricIkat Linen Fabric
Linen Curtain Fabric by the YardLinen Curtain Fabric by the Yard

Different Curtain Styles

Depending on the weight of the linen that you choose to feature, you can create different interior drapes to suit your room. From lightweight linens designed to let the light through, to interlined printed linen curtains that are designed to create an insulating barrier from the cold. Read our helpful guide on Understanding Different Types of Linen to learn which is most suitable for your curtains and to shop more of our most popular designs.

Sheer Linen FabricSheer Linen Fabric
Heavy Linen FabricHeavy Linen Fabric
Patterned Linen FabricPatterned Linen Fabric

Linen Upholstery Fabric

Soft to the touch but incredibly hardwearing, linen upholstery fabric is a wise choice to use on furniture that needs to withstand the frequent use of a busy household. Ideal for use all across the home, its durability makes it a popular choice for creating customised sofas and chairs. Pieces can be upholstered to achieve a tighter, more tailored look or left loose for a more relaxed, casual appearance.

As linen fabrics have a high resistance to stains, choosing a pure linen fabric will make caring for your furniture a little easier as lighter stains can be scrubbed without resulting in wear. Resting your feet upon the living room footstool after a long day at work, to supporting your back as you lean against your headboard, the strength of this natural weave will see your furniture looking new for much longer.

Plain Linen Upholstery FabricPlain Linen Upholstery Fabric
Linen Chintz FabricLinen Chintz Fabric
Ikat Linen FabricIkat Linen Fabric
Footstool Linen FabricFootstool Linen Fabric

Linen Home Accessories

It’s not surprising considering the remarkable qualities of linen that it continues to be a popular choice for creating beautiful home accessories. Its hardwearing weave and super absorbency makes it ideal for table clothes and napkins, and with such a range of designs to choose from, you can create different sets to change with the seasons.

Soft furnishings made from 100% linen fabrics are also great as they keep you cool in summer and warm in winter. Plus with its natural hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial properties, linen cushions and throws are ideal to use in children’s rooms and nurseries, or make the perfect gifts for loved ones.

Linen ThrowsLinen Throws
Linen TableclothsLinen Tablecloths
Printed Linen CushionsPrinted Linen Cushions

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