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Coffee with... Kate Forman

30th August 2019

Coffee With... Kate Forman


Kate Forman has an established love for sourcing antiques and a flourishing talent for interior design. In 2004 she then established her textiles business, a brand now renowned for its distinctive and timeless fabrics.

Kate Forman's designs include a diverse mixture of prints that draw inspiration from 19th Century French design, global and ethnic influences, and quintessential English country style. With such a broad range of sources, the result is a collection of fabrics that are incredibly versatile. They sit beautifully within any interior setting from contemporary to vintage decor.

There's a variety of colour palettes to gaze upon with delicate pastel hues being their most popular. The result is fabrics with an endearing and relaxed feel to them. This has made them increasingly popular amongst residential and commercial designers alike! You can spot Kate Forman fabrics and accessories in interiors across the globe, including at the unrivalled Kit Kemp Firmdale Hotels.

Kate Forman

What inspired you to start your own textile business?

 A vast collection of vintage textiles!

What were you doing career-wise before you set up?

I was working as an Antiques Dealer and Interior Designer.

When did you decide to expand into papers, furniture, and accessories and what led to this decision?

Soon after we launched the ‘Sophia’ design. The faded look seemed perfect for paper. We have made accessories right from the start as they lend themselves so well in all the designs.

How would you describe your brand's style?

Classical, eclectic English Style. I love pale, washed out colours, but like to introduce colour using patterned lampshades and cushions in warm tones.

How has this style evolved over time?

I’ve always loved faded florals, which is where I started, but equally I like to mix them with rich velvets and ethnic prints which I have introduced more recently and will be in future collections.

What is the trick to continually creating new and desirable designs?

Think commercial as well as following your heart. You can’t please everyone but reaching as many as possible by keeping designs appealing, interesting and versatile helps.

How would you characterise your own interior style?

A real mix of English country, 19th Century French and bohemian.

What piece of furniture could you not live without?

My bed. It was the first French antique I invested in nearly 30 years ago!

What is your favourite room in your house?

I’m loving my downstairs loo at the moment. It’s very dark and moody. More like a ‘Biba’ dressing room from the 70s, purple walls, feathers, and old mirrors.

Who are your favourite designers?

Christophe Gollut is someone I have always admired. His use of colour and sense of style is always utterly beautiful.

What is your colour for the year?


Do you follow any style rules in your home?

Only to connect rooms with colour. I’m also obsessed about good lighting.

Kate Forman

What is your prediction for future interior trends?

Not following one style – people are generally being more adventurous in their use of colour and mixing up ‘looks’.

Which is your favourite town/city, and why?

Seville. I love the Spanish culture and people

What is on your reading list?

Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter. The Brief Wonderous Life Of Oscar Wao by Junot Diaz.

What do you like best about

You promote unique brands so well!

Kate Forman

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(Image Credits - Kate Forman Designs.)

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