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Country Cottage Kitchen Decor Ideas

12th August 2020

The heart of the home where so much of our daily family life takes place, the kitchen is often a busy hive of activity within a house. A key living area where function and aesthetic must combine to make day-to-day life a little easier, country cottage kitchens look great and feel comfortable whilst managing to keep up with the ongoing hustle and bustle of everyday.

Cottage Kitchen

Country cottage is the perfect interior style for kitchens as it creates well lived in spaces that feel welcoming and homely. From traditional farmhouse schemes to modern country designs, we’ve collated together the very best country kitchen ideas to show you just how great they can look in a variety of different homes. Along with our expert styling tips to help you re-create those signature cottage touches, read on to discover everything you need to design your very own dream country cottage kitchen at home.

1. Celebrate Original Features

If you are lucky enough to live in an old cottage that is bursting with character and history, then your kitchen is a great place to show them off. Original features such as floor tiles, stone walls and wooden beams should be cleaned up, repaired and exposed wherever possible as they will add an authenticity and uniqueness to your home that is difficult to recreate. These original characteristics will not only offer intriguing clues to your property's past, they will also form a ready-made colour scheme that you can use as a base to style the rest of your kitchen around.

Cottage Kitchen

2. Add Paint Your Walls

When designing a country kitchen, it is tempting to opt for white as a focus colour. This will make a room feel bright and fresh, especially when original features such as low ceilings and cottage windows don’t flood your room with light. But if you want to add some real style and personality to your kitchen, then add some colour. The key is to keep things restrained and balanced.

For a more traditional and rustic feel, stick to a muted earth-based palette. Colours like dusky browns, chalky blues and pale greens look great on cottage walls, especially when balanced with neutral cabinets and wooden counter tops. For a more modern cottage look, liven up your cabinets with a bold paint colour balanced against neutral walls. This popular trend still provides the colour pop that you crave but also keeps the room feeling bright and spacious.

3. Create a Farmhouse Dining Area

Country kitchens feel homely and wholesome and there is nothing better that crowding around a farmhouse table to share a delicious meal together. Offering an extra work surface for smaller kitchens that lack useable counter top space, this communal set-up is also especially practical for those with children. A cosy affair that feels intimate and connected, the table transforms the kitchen into space that can be used by multiple people at the same time.

Ercol style dining chairs are a great seating option as they instantly create the quintessential cottage look. Their armless design allows them to be tucked out of the way and their rounded seats look great with charming fabric cushion pads. In contrast the two industrial pendants introduce a mixture of styles into this modern cottage scheme. Hung above the table the oversized ceiling lights make the room feel larger by drawing your eyes towards the centre of the room.

Cottage Kitchen

4. Mix and Match

A cottage kitchen doesn't have to look perfect; in fact, they tend to look better when things are mixed and matched. This combination of different textures and colours will help to make your space feel more relaxed and comfortable which is a big part of the cottage charm. A great way to diversify your kitchen is with a free-standing kitchen island or dresser as it will stop your fitted cupboards from looking too uniform. The introduction of new materials will add texture and pattern and in turn, will accentuate the variety of finishes that appear across the room.

Choosing different handles for your cupboards and adding homely decorative pieces and kitchen accessories will also help to break up your scheme. When done well, these additional pieces should look right at home and your overall design should feel as if it has evolved naturally and effortlessly over time.

Cottage Kitchen

5. Keep Everything Out on Display

Country kitchens are so well loved as they feel used and functional. Open shelving and wooden dressers are a great way to show off your crockery, glassware and jars and help to give your room a real individuality. Fill in the gaps with personal knick-knacks and the odd photo frame here and there to create the perfect arrangement. Items like chopping boards, cookbooks and fruit bowls add bands of colour against the natural tones of the wood, whilst neutral appliances sit unobtrusively on the worktops.

Cottage Kitchen
Cottage Kitchen

6. Fashion a Window Seat

Feature seating straight out of a fairy tale, window benches add an instantaneous charm to your cottage style kitchen. A great way to utilise a space that may otherwise be left vacant, they offer useful additional seating especially if your kitchen is more compact in size. If your window looks out onto the garden, a window seat is a great way to draw attention to this attribute. Framed with short curtains that can be drawn to the side with stylish tiebacks, the window seat will offer the perfect spot to admire the vistas beyond.

Creating a bespoke seat cushion in a hard wearing performance fabric is a simple and cost effective way to ensure this highly trafficked area remains looking smart and well kept. Finished with a mixture of scatter cushions for both comfort and colour that will see you enjoy cosy moments appreciating the view.

Cottage Kitchen

7. Feature Pretty Cabinet Curtains

Historically a practical and cost effective solution to hiding unsightly clutter, cupboard curtains have come to be a signature feature in cottage style kitchens. Adding softness and charm to your interior, cupboard façades can be dressed with a whole range of different fabrics. Modern block prints, elegant Toile de Jouy or plain textured linens can be styled to either contrast or match your kitchen blinds and curtains.

Depending on the look that you wanted to achieve, curtains can be hung on fixed poles or wires to sit straight across the cupboard, or can be sewn with a pinch and pleat top to them which will create a more tailored finish. A very quick way to transform the look of your cabinets, well-placed curtains will hide what you don't want seen, while open shelving can show off your best kitchen accessories.

8. Use Tiles to Add Pattern

A great way to add pattern and colour to your kitchen, tile wallpapers looks wonderful in a cottage setting. In contrast to larger scale, simple geometrics for the floor, a smaller, more detailed design will look great on the walls. The repetitive effect of a tiled splashback adds width to the room and helps to draw your eye around making the kitchen feel more spacious. An added benefit to featuring a tile design in your room is that is provides a ready made colour scheme to work with. A fool proof method to creating a kitchen that looks stylish and well put together, adding a complementary paint colour and neutral kitchen units is all you will need to complete this stylish cottage look.

Cottage Kitchen

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