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How to Choose the Perfect Sofa

20th September 2017

A Few Simple Steps to Sofa Success...

Choosing your designer sofa is an extrememly important decision, as it's one that you will live with day in day out. Quality pieces are a significant investment, therefore you need to select the perfect style which will stand the test of time. But before you start shopping, take a few minutes to read our tips to make sure that you choose the perfect sofa for your home...


Like fashion, interiors styles are full of short-lived trends, however, unlike clothes, you can't keep switching sofas with the change of season.  A much better approach is to go classic and choose a timeless design that won't date, all our sofas come with a 25 year frame guarantee so your well loved sofa will stand the test of time. If you want to add a touch of colour or pattern to your room bold scatter cushions or even a funky statement chair are a ideal addition. 



If you intend to use your sofa in a room used solely for entertaining guests then you can get away with a more formal and sleek design - something that looks sensational and doesn't have to be too functional.  On the other hand, if you are buying a sofa for your main sitting room, where you will spend a lot of time, the main criteria should be comfort, something you can sink into, curl up with a book, or lounge on watching television.

Size Matters

How big is the room? A sofa takes up more room that you might realise... not only the space that it sits in, but also the space that it needs to go around it. Nowadays it seems the fashion is GO BIG. Large deep sofa's with chunky arms and three seats plus are wonderful but you do have to make sure you have the room to house it.

Try laying out the area that the sofa will occupy to see how it will fit. Take note of the sofas height to check that it does not take over what other furniture you have surrounding it. If you are buying for a more formal room, a pair of two and a half seaters works well, but only if it doesn't crowd the space.


Access all Areas

The thing that people always forget about is how will you get the sofa into the room? Will it fit through the front door and/or up or down the corridor? Make sure you take measure around tight corners and across narrow landings. We just wouldn't want you to fall in love with your dream sofa and then find it doesn't fit!! If you do have narrow access points, armless sofas and corner sofas that come in 3 parts are all good options, additionally, we can build your sofa with it's feet and attach these on-site if required.

A Few F&P Classics...

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