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How to Use Leaf Fabric

26th August 2021

This guide on how to use leaf fabric shows the ways these designs can add to or even guide an interior design scheme. Large or small, these patterns bring life to any home. Here's three of F&P Interiors' favourite ways to introduce leaf fabric into any space.

Three Favourite Ways to Use Leaf Fabric:

1. Delightfully Delicate Leaf Fabric

Small prints, soft colours and exquisite detailing make wonderfully delicate leaf patterned fabrics. The repeating motifs meander, trail, and stripe these beautiful materials. They subtly celebrate the great outdoors in interiors.

These leaf fabric designs are the ideal addition to smaller rooms and tranquil retreats. Cottages, vintage interiors and nurseries, in particular, benefit from these natural patterns.

They make wonderful curtains and cushions to complete a room. In an all-round subtle scheme, the background colour of the fabric can then be repeated on upholstery The pattern colour can also be plucked out and used for home accents on trimmingsaccessories and lighting.

2. Lush Leafy Fabric

Leaves come in all shapes and sizes, not to mention locations. Grassy motifs can be plucked from a quiet country field or the plains of Africa. They can hint at a woodland walk or a trek through a densely tropical landscape.

Large patterns can zoom-in on nature, giving the opportunity to take a closer look and celebrate lush botanical scenes. These adventurous patterns are wonderful for making furniture that draws the eye. A stylish sofa or statement chair is the ideal place to showcase these materials.

There's classic designs inspired by the Arts & Crafts Movement as well as tropical designs for elcectic interiors. These patterns take centre stage in a room and set the tone.

Furniture with large leaf fabric is great when used within the eye-line of the door. It then immediately attracts attention to where you want it.

If they are used on curtains, on the other hand, they look best as full-length drapes. This balances their size.

3. Multicoloured Magnificent Leaf Fabric

Multicoloured leaf fabric makes for a playful addition to any interior. These patterns celebrate the changing seasons and myriad of tones that leaves go through. They also offer a feminine twist to patterns that's a great alternative to flowery designs.

These leaf fabrics offer the opportunity to make colourful interiors. Tones can be taken from these patterns and repeated on plain materials and small pattern fabric. This can be done throughout a room for cheerful interiors.

They can also be used to add a little colour to a room on curtains and blinds. This works wonderfully in kitchens and bathrooms.

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