Statement Headboards to Elevate Your Bedroom

12th June 2024

Statement headboards are big, bold and full of charisma. They unapologetically hog centre stage, designed to steal the show and add a touch of drama to the room. With popular designers such as Kit Kemp leading the way with her Firmdale Hotels signature upholstered headboards, we’ve brought you the best headboard ideas to inspire your bedroom interior design…

Statement Fabrics For Your Headboard

Both our made to measure headboards and custom headboards range can be upholstered in your favourite fabric from our collection. But if you are looking for your headboard to stand centre stage, then picking a large-scale fabric design will achieve this.

The beauty of a statement headboard is in its scale; allowing larger design the space to be admired in full. Large scale floralsgeometricsthemed fabrics and abstract patterns look especially magnificent. Choose a fabric with bright colours or a high contrasts to attract attention and make the biggest impact in your room.

Remember that although you want your statement bed headboard to be prominent, it still needs to fit within your overall scheme. Choose a colour from your headboard fabric and repeate it in home accessories or lighting. This will not only bind the different parts of the room together, it will also extend your headboard outwards.

Statement HeadboardsStatement Headboards
Floral Headboard FabricFloral Headboard Fabric
Green Headboard FabricGreen Headboard Fabric
Bespoke HeadboardsBespoke Headboards

In Keeping with Your Colour Scheme

If you love the idea of a full size headboard but want a slightly softer impression, then choosing a colour theme for your room can help it to blend into its environment. This also opens you up to fabrics with a slightly smaller pattern size or more distributed design like medium scale striped fabrics or themed designs.

By upholstering your wall mounted headboard in the same colour as its surroundings, its form will become more prominent. This allows you to be more extravagant when choosing its silhouette; the more ornate and shapely the better the result.

To balance the overall scheme, introduce an accent colour on other upholstered items or painted furniture to break up the singular tone and draw your eyes around the room.

Custom HeadboardsCustom Headboards
Statement HeadboardsStatement Headboards
Bespoke HeadboardsBespoke Headboards
Bespoke HeadboardsBespoke Headboards

Big Statements For Little Ones

Tall headboards can be a great way to add some excitement to your children’s bedrooms. They can help to define the bed and provides a comfortable space to enjoy a story of two before bedtime cuddles.

Twin bed headboards look particularly fantastical when upholstered in a playful children’s that add colour and pattern to their bedroom. Or for a more classic look, a plain upholstery fabric will emphasise the shape of the headboard and can be accessorised with colouful cushions.

Built by talented craftsmen from high quality materials, our headboards can be re-upholstered making it a great investment that will last. Choosing fabrics that reflect your child is a lovely way to personalise their bedrooms and is something that can be easily changed and mature with them as they grow.

Statement Headboards`Statement Headboards`
Fun Childrens HeadboardsFun Childrens Headboards
childrens twin room headboardschildrens twin room headboards

Creating Your Dream Headboard...

Made to Measure HeadboardsMade to Measure Headboards

If you already know exactly what you are looking for we can create handmade bespoke headboards upholstered in a fabric of your choice. Made to your individual size requirements and specifications, they are perfect for those whose are looking to create something personal & unique.

Whether you favor a tall headboard, contemporary headboard, button headboard or shaped headboard; we will work with you to design a beautiful feature piece for your bedroom. Ready to be fitted in your home within 4-6 week from design to delivery, it won't be long until your statement headboard dreams are a reality...

Statement Silhouettes Ready to Order

Our range of shapely custom headboards are designed to create a bold style statement in your bedroom. Each has its own character and is available in various different sizes to fit your room. They can be upholstered in any fabric from our collection and can be customised further with finishing touches. So if you're looking for sleek curves, ornate contours, tall & proud lines or a bold physique, our range of wall mounted headboards are individual works of art that will elevate your bedroom...

Bespoke HeadboardBespoke Headboard
Custom HeadboardCustom Headboard

Personalising Your Headboard

Trimmings are a great way to add personality to your headboard. Edging it with coloured cord or piping will frame its silhouette and enhancing its shape as it tracks every arc and curve. It also provides a defined edge and smart finish.

Brades and gimp can be an simple way to add colour and pattern to a plain upholstered headboard or get experimental with tassled fringes to introduce some texture and a splash of quirkiness to your design. Trimmings can also be a clever way of linking your headboard to it's surroundings. By selecting colours that match other elements like the wallpaper or curtains, you will develop a design that looks stylishly assembled and pleasing to the eye.

Headboard TrimmingsHeadboard Trimmings
Headboard TrimmingsHeadboard Trimmings
Shaped HeadboardShaped Headboard

Have You Thought About a Canopy?

Impressive in appearance and grand in scale, canopy beds are a wonderful way to make the most of your bedroom's vertical space and establish a focal point in the room. Both practical and decorative, the canopy and curtains keep the inner bed warm, whilst the often ornate carved bed posts and luxury fabrics add decor and pattern to the room.

Today's canopy beds generally fit into one of two categories: traditional or contemporary; and within this division we see a variety of different styles to suit both personal taste and budget. From intricately carved four-poster beds, to magical fairytale children’s drapes, we’ve put together some of the best canopy bed designs to inspire your interior design….

Canopy Bed InspirationCanopy Bed Inspiration

Image credit Carskiey House on Scotland’s West Coast, Fermoie

Canopy Bed IdeasCanopy Bed Ideas
Four Poster Bed Canopy IdeasFour Poster Bed Canopy Ideas

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Image Credits: Firmdale Hotels by Kit Kemp: Sleeing Around