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Grey and Copper Contemporary Living Room

4th September 2019

This room exudes a simplicity whilst being very rich and sophisticated. The calming greys with contrasts of dark woods and then highlights of copper create an amazing elegance in this design. The textures on the walls and in the furnishings give a warmth that adds to the strong ambience in this room. 

Modern Luxury Living Room

Get The Look


If it isn't possible to install these large stone panels in your apartment then this Camelot Wallpaper would be the perfect choice.

You can see through to the corridor beyond this room where they have used a wallpaper with a panel effect.  Our sisal Natural Metal Wallcovering is a perfect match.

The statement wall in this room is a stunning copper wallcovering, our Scale design will do the trick.

Sofa and Accessories

Our Ashurst sofa can be made bespoke to any size, change the legs, remove an arm - we can do it.  Covered in this Woburn textured fabric for a very sleek finish.

This Mecenat fabric for the cushions adds another dimension to the textures in the room.

This simple Ware coffee table with a bronze base and faux shagreen top, which ties in well with the texture of the sofa fabric.

The Rug Company will make their rugs to a size to suit your room.

A Morrison ebony side table with a circular design that softens the angles in the room.