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Turquoise Sitting Room

17th July 2018

A bold design featuring rich turquoise walls and strong upholstery fabrics. The elegant sofa sits proudly in front of carefully selected art. An eclectic air is created through the accessories of colourful cushions and a geometric rug.

Turquoise Sitting Room

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Walls and Sofa

Vardo paint by Farrow & Ball contrasted with White Tie on the woodwork.

Nailing details can be added to a classic Maplehurst bespoke sofa and covered in a simple Paris Texas neutral plain upholstery material.


A mixture of textures and colours on cushions in Cabana, Paris Texas, Pronto, and Keway. Plus,  lively bright Honshu floral to set them all off.

Rug, Table, and Footstool

A Juno Rug sits perfectly within this scheme, and has the advantage of being incrediably practical. A timeless Sundance Coffee Table to sit in front of the sofa.

A Small Beech Owl custom footstool can have buttons added to the top, nailing, and the leg colour can be chosen.

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(Main image by Petra Bindel.)