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How To Use Purple In Your Interior

24th January 2018


 "a colour intermediate between red and blue."

Purple Colour
Purple Collage Inspiration

Purple is one of the strongest, most powerful colours within the spectrum. With its historic associations to royalty, purple is strongly identifiable as a symbol of nobility, luxury and ambition. Conveying extravagance in every way, this shade is a stable balance between two primary colours, blue and red. Purple can be associated with passion, vitality and romance as purple has a calming effect over not only the mind but also your nerves. It is seen as the colour of imagination and can spark creativity. Purple also has significant spiritual connotations, such as purple gem stones which are used to refresh the body and mind. A strong colour which would be an exciting addition to any interior.

Purples are ideal for:

Those who are creative, looking for an inspiring colour which will refresh their mind

Those who need more balance and calming energy in their homes

Purple is not ideal for:

People who usually shy away from colour – purple is a very rich shade which is eye catching wherever you choose to incorporate it in your scheme. For a more subtle touch of purple, perhaps try lilac…

Lilac Colour
Lilac Inspiration Collage

Lilac is a magical colour which still features the same imaginative qualities as purple. Lilac is a shade which compliments fresh and bright interiors, for a tranquil atmosphere. Lilac is a reminder of spring and the beautiful blossoming flowers it brings, a very delicate, unobtrusive colour which everyone finds to provide a fresh and clean feeling in the home as well as aiding mental clarity. Lilac looks particularly lovely in country cottages because of its reflection of nature.

Nina Campbell Lilac Lifestyle

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