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Beautiful Paint Colours to Transform Your Bathroom

25th April 2022

Whether you are painting over an existing finish or creating a completely new scheme, adding colour to your bathroom can turn an everyday space into an indulgent room that makes you feel uplifted, pampered and relaxed.

However the colour you choose will not only affect the way your bathroom feels, but it will also influence how you use that space. So it is worth starting by considering your bathroom routine. Are you are a ‘shower and run’ type who is looking a fresh and energetic space? Or a ‘spa-like seeker’ you wants to let the stresses of your day melt away in an evening bath?

From moody blues to classic grey, our pigment-rich bathroom paints have everything you need to transform your bathroom so read on to discover the most popular bathroom paint colours and how they can transform your bathroom from bland to beautiful in a way that suits your lifestyle…

Jet Black

A statement colour that works well with virtually any other hue, we understand that black may not immediately come to mind when planning a bathroom, but we feel that it should definitely be considered. When paired with metallic accents and soften with natural textures, or incorporated as a feature wall and balanced with a white bathroom suite, a black bathroom feels opulent and chic. So, if you are looking to incorporate glamour and intimacy into your bathroom routine, then you can’t go wrong with black paint.

Neutral Tones

There is a reason why neutral paint is one of the most common bathroom colours, as the wholesome blend of sand, tan and cream all contribute to a bathroom's timeless appeal. Creating an inoffensive space without strong sensory triggers, the softness of colour encourages a sense of calm that feels organic and tame. Styled alongside natural textures like chunky woven fabrics and wooden accessories, if you are looking to create a space that helps you to reconnect and re-ground, a neutral bathroom scheme will be the colour to explore.

Blush Pink

A trendy tone that adds a pop of colour to your bathroom walls, blush pink paint will create a young and modern bathroom. Contrasted alongside a cooler grey and other pastel tones, the powdered finish of this warm and romantic hue creates a space that feels feminine and pretty. Keep it crisp and minimalist with small metallic touches to stop it looking too flat, if you’re looking for a bathroom that makes you feel feminine and that you love spending time, then blush pink is a fashionable choice. 

Teal Blue

A blue-green colour that combines the calming properties of blue with the renewing qualities of green, teal blue paint channels those deep ocean vibes that invite you to dive right in. A transformative colour that encourages clarity of thought and injects a rejuvenating energy into a room, it is suitable for a bathroom that enjoys larger proportions and a good source of natural light. Tame its intensity with crisp, white, paintwork and a simple bathroom suit to enjoy long soaks in the bath. If you are looking for a hidden hideaway for time to reflect, teal blue paint will offer you that space to unwind.

Brilliant White

Pure, bright and flooded with light, white paint will make your bathroom feel fresh and spacious. However choosing which shade will depend on how much natural light your bathroom already receives and from which direction it enters through your window. Make sure to order sample pots of your favourites and paint sizable tester patches around the room to see how they sit across your walls. Unfussy and clean, white bathrooms will appeal to those who have a simple and minimalist bathroom routine, and those who like to start and end their day without complications.

Soft Green

Channelling natures ability to soothe and settle, soft green paint is a versatile colour option that can be styled to suit both modern and traditional interiors. A strong symbol for growth and rejuvenation, bring the outside in with decorative house plants and natural materials to complete the look. Perfect for helping those who want to feel enlivened in the morning, and peaceful before bed, serene green is earthy, elegant and effortlessly stylish and will remain looking so for many more years to come. 


A deep purple paint colour that is rich and earthy, an aubergine coloured bathroom feels stable and relaxed. A heritage shade that has a timeless appeal, its powerful intensity helps to distract the eye from awkward spaces or rooms with intimate proportions. A popular option in historic properties, it also appeals to those looking to create a more masculine look. Temper its strength with a white furnishings and fluffy towels, plus add a beautiful floral display to inject some softness into the room.

Dark Grey

An ultra-cool colour and an ultra-stylish choice for a modern day home, dark grey paint is a great alternative for those looking to achieve that dark and moody look, without the harshness of black. A versatile shade to introduce an accent colour alongside, it can also be softened with raw woods and house plants for a more natural style. Perfect for those who like to keep their bathroom accessories at hands reach, well-chosen pieces can add pops of pigment to break up the solid wall of colour throughout the bathroom.

Duck Egg Blue

The most popular decorative colour by far, duck egg blue bathroom paint can’t help but instantly charm its audience. Most commonly used in country cottages, its versatility sees it featured across every different interior style. Light, bright and wonderfully refreshing, it combines the calming properties of blue with the freshness of white to create a bathroom that feels wholesome and comfortable. Perfect for those who are keen to introduce designer fabrics through roller blinds, curtains or a cosy bathroom chair, it will make everyone who uses it feel like they are well and truly home.

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