Different Types of Linen Fabric

9th January 2024

There are many different types of linen fabric thanks to its versatility. Pure linen is made from 100% flax and is often woven. It's one of the oldest fibers known to have been worn throughout human history. In interiors its uses span upholstery, curtains, and soft furnishings.

Linens' popularity is in large part due to its reputation as one of the best materials. It gets softer with wear but is highly durable. It's also useful in all-weather as it's warm in winter and cool in the summer.

Moreover, it takes dye well which accounts for the remarkable range of colours and printed linens. It can even use a mix of colours in the weave to create a two-tone effect or pattern. A great example of this is linen plaid fabric designs.

It can also be easily mixed with other fibers for a linen union fabric. The most sought-after mix of materials is linen cotton fabric. These are usually an even split of both. The benefits of this coupling are fewer creases and a sturdier fabric.

The uses for linen material, however, are often differentiated by its thickness. This includes the yarn count and warp and weft density. They can, however, be simply divided into light, medium, and heavy fabrics.

Light Linen Fabric

In interior design, light linen fabric is ideal for making sheer curtains and blinds. They provide a classic look whilst being practical in creating privacy. These materials often come in double-width which means that curtains are even easier to create. Visible seams are also avoided by the width the fabric is made in.

The light airy material are particularly charming in small rooms and shared spaces to give the interior a lift. This is especially true in kitchens and bathrooms. It's the perfect middle point between voile or net and heavier materials.

relaxed linen blindrelaxed linen blind
relaxed linen bathroom blindrelaxed linen bathroom blind
Sheer Linen FabricSheer Linen Fabric

Medium Linen Fabric

Heavier blinds, curtains, cushions, and light upholstery all work wonderfully with medium linen fabric. It often comes in the widest variety of designs thanks to its adaptability.

The natural and yet stylish texture continues to be in demand as it brings added depth to interiors. Furthermore, the expansive choice of colours can be used to create a brilliant base in any room. It also drapes beautifully which makes it ideal for curtains and window treatments. Likewise, its durability allows its use on furnishings. It's no wonder these linens remain crowd-pleasers.

bukhara linen curtain fabricbukhara linen curtain fabric
Chatterpie Linen FabricChatterpie Linen Fabric
Nest Cushion FabricNest Cushion Fabric

Heavy Linen Fabric

Finally, heavy linen material is extremely durable which makes it perfect for busy family homes. Whether they face pets, children or simply a washing machine, they endure amazingly well.

It's also colourfast, this means that the colour lasts for longer. There is, however, smart stonewashed finishes available. This timeless faded effect makes them instantly appear as a mainstay of any home. The biggest selling point of this weightier material is in upholstery where wear and tear is inevitable. They provide a modern classic style that stays.

Gypsies Linen FabricGypsies Linen Fabric
Tybee Tree FabricTybee Tree Fabric
Pomegranate Linen FabricPomegranate Linen Fabric

Three Ways to Style Your Linen Fabric...

Idea One: Mix Plain Linen Fabric and Patterned

Plain linen fabric works wonderfully to set the colour scheme of the room when used as a focal point.

Upholstery or even curtains are ideal for this.

The colour scheme can then be continued on couch cushions and the main shade can be matched by patterned linen fabric.

The trick is to take a secondary colour from the pattern and use it for another block colour cushion.

The result of this approach is a room that is tied together and coordinated. Simply using two or three shades of the same colour has marvelous results. 

Blue, for example, is a universal crowd pleaser and is especially suited to shared spaces.

Idea Two: Create a Reupholstered Linen Sofa That Lasts

Linen is an effortless look especially when using a highly durable design like Gypsies Fabric.

Using it for reupholstery is an excellent way to update an antique sofa to be used in a modern home.

neutral or grey linen fabric offers a contemporary look and won't over-power the original features of the furniture.

It's also easily incorporated into an existing room design.

modern antique look is also a great way to update a period property whilst staying true to the architecture.

Again, neutral material has a subtlety that's suited to the task.

Idea Three: Mix Plain Linen Fabrics in One Place

Medium linen material, like Brera Fabric comes in 60 different shades which offers an abundance of choice.

If there's too many options then a room that uses big, bold, and/or mixes prints is the perfect place to use them together.

Balancing a range of patterns requires no small amount of bravery. The key to creating a sense of harmony is to pluck out secondary colours and find contrasting hues.

Thanks to interior designer, Kit Kemp, this has become a must-have trend on singular chairs.

They make a statement without being in direct competition with the overall room.

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