Stunning Banana Sofa Transformation

14th June 2021

We were absolutely stunned to see how this vintage banana couch had been completely transformed using our Maharani Linen Fabric. After sampling over 20 different upholstery fabrics including velvets and linens, our customer Iris decided on this vibrant pomegranate printed linen union to revive her pre-loved sofa back to its former glory.

Having spotted this vintage, 1950’s mid-century sofa online back in October, Iris MacLachlan began her quest to find the perfect fabric to bring it back to life. A fan of eclectic interiors, Iris wanted something to lighten her living room and give it a bit of a lift. Adding pattern was key, so she set about trying to find a design that was the right scale for the modest sofa dimensions that also contained colours that worked within her existing scheme. 

The two-seater banana couch was the ideal companion to the larger armchairs and a solid sofa that already graced the living space. It fitted beneath the living room windows, thereby not obstructing the view of the garden and enabling the window shutters to be used. It was set to become a statement feature within the room. After ordering samples of her favourite fabrics, Iris was able to see how each of them would look in her home. Placing them next to her existing cushions and accessories to check that the colours were complementary, she eventually decided on the stunning Maharani Linen Fabric in orange and aqua blue by Osborne & Little.

"It provided the mix of colours I was looking for. Featuring both blue and orange, it also introduced a soft green which is picked up in the planting around the room and in the view outside of the window.  The pomegranate also evokes memories of our time in Cyprus as we lived there for 8 months when my husband was working for the UN. It was a lovely time and as we were leaving, I was given a beautiful ornament, a little silver pomegranate tree. The symbolic fruit of Cyprus, it represents pleasure, merriment and love which is rather nice symbolism for our sitting room where we like to chat and relax with friends."

Customer says...

"I really love using F&P as it has a fabulous selection of fabrics and papers from many different suppliers and prices that provide ample choice. I also love the images that show how others use the fabrics and incorporate it into their homes. I love looking for inspiration as it can be quite overwhelming when trying to choose a fabric or wallpaper, so the more I see how to use it and how it helps cement my final decision adding that bit of confidence I need."

Having bought her Victorian property 6 years ago, Iris and her husband have been steadily moving from room to room, refurbishing them with her favourite fabrics and wallpapers including designs by Morris & Co and GP & J Baker. As a fellow interiors enthusiast, Iris describes her style as colourful, comfortable, cosy and cultural. Using fabrics and wallpapers to accentuate the stunning period features in her home, she mixes tones, pattern and textures across every room to give it its own unique character and style.

Join us in following more of her interior design journeys over on her Instagram page and keep your eyes peeled for another exciting new project; a 20-year-old ottoman that is going to be given a facelift with some new F&P Interiors fabric later this year…

About the Design....

This beautiful floral fabric features a joyful pomegranate trail design, printed on a luxury linen-union weave in three vibrant colourways. Originally designed by Henry Wilson for Osborne & Little, Maharani Linen Fabric is part of a magnificent collection comissioned to celebrate Wilsons' passion for India. A well known photographer, artist and expert on these East Asian lands, he describes the "rich details and soaring architecture that can be easily overlooked among the kaleidoscope of pattern and colour" as the inspiration for his eyecatching designs.

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