Traditional Country House Drawing Room

14th November 2023

A beautifully proportioned drawing room, with lots of light.  The soft green on the walls bringing the outside in, and eclectic selection of furniture and fabrics make this room very welcoming and relaxing.

Traditional Sitting Room Ideas Traditional Sitting Room Ideas

Image credit Rupert & Anna Bradstock as featured in Home & Garden. Photography by Simon Upton

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Walls and Curtains

A lovely soft green paint for the walls, immediately adding characture to the room.

Linen curtains with a dandelion clock print on a warm background, hanging from classic antique brass poles

Sofa, Cushions and Lighting

A large traditional sofa covered in a green corded velvet and lovely big beige cushions

A pair of smart brass table lamps site behind the sofa

Armchairs and Cushions

A pair of these comfy armchairs would make a perfect sitting arrangement.  Covered in the moire stripe for a classic look.

The lovely Nikita fabric is perfect for cushions on the armchairs.

A swan neck floor lamp for reading by.

Wing Chair and Settee

The wing chair in the corner is a great spot for reading the papers. Covered in a cotton velvet with a lovely Palmer Print cushion.

We love the antique settee, upholstered in a stripe like the Aldeburgh fabric woul look very smart.


A bespoke footstool, button or not, sits perfectly infront of the sofa and armchairs.  Covered in a muted gold velvet.

This room has some lovely antique tables, here we have an antique of the future, the Nutley side table would sit perfectly along side the sofa.

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