Beautifully Upholstered Headboards to Inspire

1st May 2021

These beautiful upholstered headboard ideas will prove that your bedhead can be the focal point of the room. It’s the perfect place to start when styling a bedroom.

The humble headboard often gets overlooked in favour of other furnishings, curtains, and soft furnishings. It is, however, the ideal canvas on which to exhibit your favourite patterned or plain fabric.

Here's the best beautifully upholstered headboards to inspired your bedroom interior design.

Square Corner Headboards

A headboard style with squared corners is an instant classic. It's no muss, no fuss, and allows the fabric to do the talking.

Keeping furnishings simple can also provide the perfect base for more daring decor. It makes it all the easier to mix patterns.

Geometric Print Fabric Headboards

These boxy shapes allow for the use of modern patterns like large geometric prints. The lines and shapes work wonderfully to create a dynamic finish.

Rounded Corner Headboards

Taking the edge off the corners with a rounded effect creates a more casual look. This is ideal for cottagescoastal interiors, and kids' rooms.

Using natural fibres with rustic textures continue the comfy feel. Neutral works wonderfully to provide a timeless base for your room.

All these elements work well with traditional patterns. This can include floral fabricstripes, or tartan.

Whereas, children's rooms can benefit from bolder hues and bigger designs. Kids' fabric can even be educational.

Mix any of these prints with a sprinkling of strong plains to complete the interior design schemes. Then simply kick-back and relax.

Cut-Away Corner Headboards

Another classic look is cut-away corners as the shape imitates the original sloping woodwork featured on bygone headboards. It's also a simple alternative to the aforementioned shapes and breaks up the box-shape of a bed.

Leaning in to this vintage style of upholstered headboards can work wonders on an interior. It will draw the eye and set the tone for the rest of the room.

Small print fabric, whether polka dots, flowers, or art deco geometrics, make for a lovely bedhead. Having these patterns in retro colours like mint or pastel pink makes for an even lovelier throw-back.

Combining these cloths and distressed pale woods define a darling shabby chic interior. Then tie the room together with neutrals and other pastels. This can be on lampshadespaint, or upholstery.

You can also use trimmings for a charming design. Piping borders in complementing colours emphasise the headboard's shape.

An eclectic bedroom, on the other hand, can benefit from a contrasting, electric tone for added impact. Then integrate all the colours by repeating them. Try home accessorisies and small home accents to balance the scheme.

In this instance, the small size of the pattern is ideal for marrying with larger and louder shapes. Playing around with bedding is a great way to see what works.

Serpentine Headboards

A serpentine shaped headboard takes the sculpted element up a notch whether it's more exaggerated or less defined. The former is more ornate and the latter is decidedly modern, urban chic.

Using heritage patterns like damask with studs or a neutral fabric suits these headboard styles.

Arc Headboards

In the same way an arc headboard can be more or less defined. The simple shape, however, works wonderfully in any interior.

This versatile design, however, is fitting with larger patterns as it has a broad canvas. Painterly effects and abstract fabrics shine on these pieces.

Shaped Headboards

The most elaborate upholstered headboards are shaped. They are ideally suited to all-out interior design. Maximalist room decor is about taking an idea, a colour scheme, a period, or even a print and running with it.

Statement Print Fabric Headboards

If a busy room is not your thing then balance these headboards with a lighter touch. Calmer colours, smaller prints, and matching home accessories can do the trick.

If a stringent scheme and matchy matchy decor aren't for you then try a large print with a neutral ground. Use these with plain fabrics that add texture in muted tones.

Either of these options make a statement and set the agenda of a room without being OTT.

Headboard Finishes

There are lots of little ways to up the design of upholstered headboards. Button-backs are one of the most popular especially in a tufted headboard. This is when diamonds are created using the fabric.

Then there's piping which isn't the only trimming available. There's lots on offer including fringes and pom-poms. They provide a splash of quirkiness and balance large designs.

Then there's other shape features like a panel headboard or even a wingback headboard. These can break-up the shape, be wall-mounted, and create an even bigger furnishing focus in your bedroom.

Needless to say, there's plenty of room for experimentation and self-expression.

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