Wall Mural Ideas: Choosing Wall Art for Your Home

9th April 2019

Wall mural ideas can be used to add subtle interest to walls or create an instant impact within your home. Standard wallpaper for walls features a repeating design. Mural wallpaper, however, typically consists of a single image. This is usually designed to sit as a feature wall or piece of eye-catching artwork. That's why wall murals are also known as wallpaper panels or wall art because of how you hang wallpaper and the large designs.

Using a mural within home decoration opens up a whole new realm of possibilities. It transforms walls from being simply a patterned surface into almost anything. The only limit is your imagination!

The Benefits of Mural Wallpaper

  • Murals come on a roll, in clearly defined strips, with markings showing you exactly where to cut. This makes them easy to hang.
  • There’s no need for struggling to align a pattern. The strips are designed to be placed side by side to form the wall art.
  • Most wall panels can be printed to size, so there’s no wastage.
  • With a huge range of designs in big and bold or subtle yet stylish varieties, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Where to Use Wall Murals

Give it Space

Wall art works best on large walls where its impact can be best felt. Spaces such as hallways, living rooms and studies are ideal. If you’re struggling for space - wall art lends itself beautifully to ceilings as well.

Let There Be Light

Ensure you place your mural in a room with lots of light, as many designs, such as those containing maps or documents, have very fine, exquisite details which are not to be missed.

Use Wall Art as a Backdrop

The primarily appeal of feature wallpaper is its ability to catch your attention, to ensure you're not overwhelmed, consider placing your wall art behind areas in which you will be relaxing. Choosing the wall behind the sofa or headboard means you'll always appreciate the beauty of your wall art when you enter the room. You won't, however, be disturbed by the design when trying to unwind.

Types of Wall Murals

Wall Art Textures & Effects Wallpaper Wall Art Textures & Effects Wallpaper

Effects and Textures Murals

These designs bring the beauty of natural textures and surfaces into your home, without the considerable price or effort of creating the real thing. They include wood panelling, exposed brickwork, and ageing effects.

Wall Art Theme Wallpaper Wall Art Theme Wallpaper

Places and Spaces Murals

Snowy hilltops, abandoned ballrooms or the bustling streets of New York, be transported to a host of incredible places with a wall mural. Perfect for expressing your personality, hobbies, and tastes with dramatic results.

Childrens Wall Murals Childrens Wall Murals

Kids Murals

Wall murals are excellent for use in children’s playrooms, bedrooms or nurseries. The bold designs and bright colours will excite their imaginations, and they will love to learn with educational designs.

Our Favourite Wall Mural Collections...

Rebel Walls - Maps

A map wall mural is a celebration of the art of cartography. It also inspires both local and overseas travel. This broad range of wall panel designs are certain to rouse wanderlust in all.

There's astronomy charts alongside vintage globes and mountain ranges. Meanwhile, city and world maps are presented with stunning realism, unwavering scale, and beautifully composed colours. Here are some highlights from the collection.

Coordonne - Random Chinoiseries

Chinoiserie mural wallpaper has beeen growing in popularity. It's no wonder with the mix of modern and historic, the wonderful colours, and exotic flora and fauna. This collection combines nature and fantasy for dramatic scenery wallpaper. Here's a few of the best murals.

Rebel Walls - Curious

The latest Rebel Walls collection to be added is Curious. It takes inspiration from the offbeat, the vintage, and the abandoned. It rejoices in the beauty of everyday, often overlooked, objects, surfaces, and textures, that only the truly curious will stop to appreciate. Intriguing trinket boxes, peeling door frames and the breathtaking interiors of abandoned buildings provide visually stunning backdrops for your home.

Each design in the collection takes a snapshot of the astonishing beauty that can be found in the most unexpected places. They're captured for eternity, before that space evolves into something else entirely. Here are some of the highlights from the collection.

Coordonne - 40th Anniversary

To celebrate the brand's 40th anniversary year 40 artists created 40 designs of wallpaper and murals. The amazing range is full of inspiring designs.

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