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Alternative Ways to Use Paint

5th July 2021

The latest interiors trends are all about taking a creative approach and these home painting ideas are no different. It's tempting to paint your walls a single colour and be done with it but practical can also be stylish and decorative. With a little imagination, it's easy to highlight or hide features, and make a space feel bigger and more inviting. Here's the best home painting ideas to inspire your home.

Wall Paint

There are several options for coming up with this colour scheme. Pick one main tone and use it in different shades. Dark colours can emphasise alcoves, door frames, and other features. They also work wonderfully on the bottom with lighter above to give the impression of higher ceilings.

Similarly, choose one colour and then use the colours either side of it on the colour spectrum. Again, features like cornices or cladding can incorporate them into the background. Otherwise, a crisper divide provides more impact.

Alternatively, contrasting can be used in block sections, together with black or white for a striking effect. Consider painting alcoves, door frames or skirting boards, or use masking tape to create bold and original wall art.

Home Painting Ideas
Home Painting Ideas
Home Painting Ideas

Paint for Kids' Rooms

Getting creative with paint is sure to please children and teenagers alike, and will allow you to design a personal space that reflects their tastes. Simply mixing their favourite colours can work a treat.

Home Painting Ideas

Using Paint to Highlight

If you’re fortunate enough to have lots of beautiful cornices or panelling in your home, paint is perfect for highlighting them. Be sure to use soft, complementary shades to avoid detracting from architectural features. This is easily done by opting for a shade or two lighter or darker than the walls for a subtle contrast.

Home Painting Ideas

Ceiling Paint

Painted ceilings are enjoying a resurgence, particularly in neutral spaces where they can really pop. Deep matte paint shades can give the illusion of infinite space due to their ability to absorb light. The result is that eyes are drawn upwards, adding extra height to a room.

Alternatively, a brighter, warmer shade with more of a sheen can help to maximise light and bathe your room in a subtle glow.

Home Painting Ideas
Home Painting Ideas

Furniture Paint

Painted furniture is bang on trend, so if there's a tired piece crying out for a makeover, consider painting it before getting rid of it. Remember, the whole thing doesn't need to be painted – adding colour to sections can have an equally stylish effect.

Home Painting Ideas
Home Painting Ideas
Home Painting Ideas

Changing Features

Using Paint to Conceal

There are quite a few items in a home which serve to be more functional rather than beautiful. An example of this is radiators. The trick is to paint them the same colour as the walls to prevent them from stealing focus or standing out.

Even if the walls have wallpaper, a trusty team is available to help colour match the design with a paint.

Painting Floors

Your floor provides an additional canvas in your home, and so should be considered along with your walls when choosing colour. Unless you have a beautiful wooden or tiled floor that you want to preserve, consider painting floorboards or stone to add a splash of colour or reflect light.

Exterior Paint

A lot of effort goes into home interiors, this often leaves the outside overlooked. Consider painting garden accents such as fences, flower pots or benches to create an inviting space. Brighter colours add fun and vibrancy, even in winter.

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(Images: House Beautiful, James Merrell in Architectural Digest, Remodelista, and Colombe Interior Design.)

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