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Red, Orange and Yellow – The Perfect Autumn Palette

11th October 2019

A red, orange and yellow colour scheme is a classic autumnal palette. It's reminiscent of changing leaves and burning sunsets, whether used alone or together. Bringing these colours into your home can introduce a warmth that remains even when the summer has ended. Here's how to use them and complement them in your interiors.

Subtle Colour Combinations

Pairing these shades with subtle tones creates simple elegant patterns that are surprisingly versatile. A neutral, grey or moss green (whether light or dark) helps to soothe this sizzling combination and create a liveable space.

These colours work wonderfully on larger furniture and full-length drapes that make the most of these patterns.

Bold Bright Tones

Zesty shades of these colours make for powerful statements that are ideal on unique furnishings like stand-alone armchairs. They can also be used for colour pops on home accessories like cushions.

Even feature walls in block colours or smaller spaces, like hallways and bathrooms, can be brought to life. These bold tones make for cheering rooms even in dreary weather.

Daring Colour Combinations

For a more salient pairing, try adding cobalt or navy blue. Blue lies directly opposite these three shades on the colour spectrum and will be the most arresting. This can be done within a single pattern or across a room. Patterns can be mixed for modern country interiors or used as block colours for a young modern vibe.

Deep Rich Tones

Darker tones like wine red, burnt orange, and ochre create luxuriously cosy interiors. They can be matched with an eclectic mix of home furnishings and accessories to up a home's character.

This style is perfect for wold travellers who enjoy displaying the finds of their wanderlust.

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(Image credit: Charlotte's Locks from Elle Decor.)

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