How To Use a Duck Egg Colour Scheme In Your Home

5th August 2021

Duck egg blue room inspiration is perfect for an all-round scheme and on individual home accessories and soft furnishings. It's the ideal colour for creating a relaxing, serene space.

It's also a timeless shade that can instantly update your home. Here's some the best duck egg blue room ideas.

Duck Egg Blue

 A pale greenish-blue colour.

Duck Egg Blue Interior Design Is Ideal For...

Duck Egg Blue Room Inspiration Duck Egg Blue Room Inspiration

Duck egg blue is a calm and sensible colour. It's a delicate, soothing shade which aids mental wellbeing. Duck egg also offers a reminder of new life. Duck eggs themselves are where this pale bluish-green shade originated from.

In a modern light, this popular tone has also come to be associated with new born babies. This has made it a favourite for nurseries.

Its uses, however, don't end there. Duck egg blue is perfectly suited to an array of home inspirations. If you're a fan of traditionalcoastal or cottage interiors then this is the hue for you.

The clean tone offers clarity and is ideal for any room that you love to relax in. This can be lounges, bedrooms, kitchens, dining rooms, and luxurious bathrooms.

The uses of duck egg blue in interiors are endless. Here's a few of the best duck egg blue room inspirations.

Idea One: Duck Egg Blue Sitting Room

Duck egg is an understated shade that can be used subtly in a room within patterns. This is suitable and delightful on all surfaces.

Sail Away Fabric uses duck egg blue in the sea and the sky of the soft painterly scenes. It has been used here on the curtains and then repeated on the cushions.

Neutral striped upholstery fabric and panelled walls mirror each other and allow for the muted tones to make an impact. Whilst, pops of red reflect the pattern, add a modern touch, and continue the coastal vibe.

Finally, pattern is used on other home accessories to give greater depth to this living room. More stripes and small prints are seen with plain duck egg fabric and fun baubles.

The duck egg blue and grey accents continues through all these pieces and the rug. The result is a cool and yet welcoming interior.

Idea Two: Duck Egg Blue Hallway

Duck egg is a colour which offers peace and tranquillity. This colour works well alongside other refreshing, clean shades.

White or cream are unfussy pairings with duck egg blue. This can be on furniture, home accessories, and paneling.

Similarly, it can be in the pattern on duck egg blue wallpaper and fabric. This Notch Wallpaper is a great example of how to create a smart look.

It's ideal for hallway decor and shared spaces with its simple design. Glass and metallic details then give this space a modern finish.

Lighting and side tables are practical and stylish design features in any space. Whereas, artwork immediately adds personality to a room and is ideal for a finishing touch.

Idea Three: Duck Egg Blue Drawing Room

Neutral and duck egg are an ideal colour combination that offer a timeless look.

A small geometric print, works perfectly for upholstery adding subtle detail without ovrpowering the room.

The room focus point is then the full length bespoke curtains in Jacaranda Fabric, this colour is then repeated through cushions in Pumkpin Fabric, that has a lovely punch of purple and Rockingbird Fabric.

(Image credit: Celestial Blue from Little Greene Paint.)