Six Colour Combinations that Look Great with Grey

3rd March 2020

One of the trendiest home interior colours, grey is extremely versatile and can be styled alongside other colours to suit any style of home. Like white, it is a neutral hue that offers balance. This means that a wide range of colours pair well with it, making it the ideal choice for walls, home accessories, furniture and curtains. Whether you're decorating your living room or bedroom, styling a colour with grey allows you to easily create a new and exciting look. And as it seems like grey is set to stay, we’ve put together our guide on what other colours look fabulous and stylish with it.

From darker greys that appear almost black to lighter tones that resemble white, its range of shades span the entire colour spectrum. But look underneath and you will find a set of colours that transforms its appearance completely.

Blue and green undertones generally make for a cooler, more contemporary greys whilst warmer beige or purples offer a more traditional tone. But even this breakdown is not so clear cut as the character of the room and how much natural light it gets can also be huge influencers on how your colours appear. Complimentary under-tones will ensure a harmonious relationship between the two and sampling your colours thoroughly will help you to find the perfect match. Take a look through our most popular colour partnerships to find the perfect combination for your space.

1. Red and Grey

If you are looking to create a dramatic scheme that evokes an energy and a hint of drama, then red and grey is a passionate colour combination. The mixture of patterns and plains causes your eyes to be drawn around the room as the appearance of the fabrics change from space to space. The impact of the red is intensified by the consistent use of a singular tone and the room is balanced by the introduction of both dark and light greys. Choosing a light grey wallpaper accentuates the rooms large proportions and the full-length curtains and light grey carpet extends the wallpapers reach. Dark grey upholstery and dark wood furnishings boldly define the functional spaces and introduces an extra shade that stops the room from feeling two tonal.

Grey Colour SchemesGrey Colour Schemes

2. Mustard and Grey

Mustard yellow and grey is an influential colour scheme if you are looking to decorate a small room that doesn’t receive a lot of light. Moody and atmospheric, the marrying of these darker shades creates a space that feels expensive and opulent. The richness of the yellow adds a brightness and energy to the space that doesn’t feel too intense. When paired with a dark grey or taupe with brown undertones, the contrast between the two is striking. Layering patterns and plains will add depth to the room and choosing a busy wallpaper will also help the space feel bigger. Fabrics such as velvets and silks will also reflect much needed light around the room whilst also enhancing the feeling of luxury.

Grey Colour SchemesGrey Colour Schemes
Grey Colour SchemesGrey Colour Schemes

3. Green and Grey

Green and grey brings the colours of nature into the home and makes it feel fresh and funky. A powerful duo that enhance one another, the colour combination works best in a space with lots of natural light. The jewel tones of the dark green absorb the light so opting for fabrics with reflective qualities and choosing large scale patterns with plenty of white space will help to keep the room feeling bright and airy. The light grey textured wallpaper and glossy rug creates a calming foundation and is the perfect neutral tone for the bright green to pop against.

Grey Colour SchemesGrey Colour Schemes
Grey Colour SchemeGrey Colour Scheme

4. Teal Blue and Grey

A hansom shade of blue, teal is a sensual colour that feels calm and relaxing. Available as both punchy and strong or muted and sedate, it is important to style it alongside a grey that matches its illumination.

A bright teal and pale grey will create a room that feels modern and clean whereas a darker duo will evoke a richer and emotional reaction. Whichever you choose teal and grey is an attractive pairing when used in your home.

Grey Colour SchemesGrey Colour Schemes

5. Blush Pink and Grey

Romantic and soothing, pink and grey is a lovable colour palette that is commonly featured in bedroom schemes. A match made in heaven, this pretty pairing of soft blush pink and dusky grey is especially popular.

Popular colours for home accessories, both pink and grey also look great on the walls. Mixing a patterned feature wallpaper with simple paintwork is a quick and easy way to instantly add designer style to your room.

6. Blue and Grey

Graceful and uplifting, combining blue and grey feels like a natural move as both exist together in the sky and across our coastlines. As blue is a colour that can sometimes feel overpowering, balancing it with light grey and white will create a comfortable scheme that feels light and airy. Choose a light grey for larger areas of the room such as the walls and bigger items of upholstery to create a neutral base on which you can build your scheme. By concentrating blue across smaller items such as cushions, home accessories and artwork, you will encourage admirers’ eyes to be drawn to these objects and the contrast between the two colours will be more powerful. Finish it off with glass furnishings and stylish lighting to broaden that weightless elegence.

Grey Colour SchemesGrey Colour Schemes

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