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Indigo Blue Bedroom

18th October 2019

A fresh indigo blue and white bedroom with a limed oak four-poster bed and chest of drawers, and pretty floral indigo curtains. The white painted floor and painted upholstered chair and footstool keep the whole room clean and fresh. The polka dot rug adds a bit of fun.

Indigo Blue Bedroom

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Walls, Curtains and Chair

A fresh Blackened light grey paint on the walls.

This indigo floral like Perosita dictates the room and lends it to more of the same.

The small bedroom chair has been upholstered in this geometric Kinvara, adding modernity to the room.

Bed, Cushions, Bedspread, and Lamps

The bedspread in Fiorita printed indigo stripe and a Pom Pom Fringe to finish it off.

A glass Anya Table Lamp lifts the room and allows the light to flow.

Stool, Throw, and Rug

A Small Owl footstool in Tamar at the end of the bed makes a welcome spot for discarded clothes!

A luxurious Cashmere Plain Throw to accessorise your bedroom.

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