Colour Companions of the Moment: Red & Blue

25th January 2024

Red and blue is a colour combination that frequently appears across the natural world. Hot and cold, powerful and calm; these two combine to create dynamic and visually stimulating spaces within the home. With designers' enthusiasm strongly behind this pairing, we've chosen some inspirational fabric and wallpaper designs that enjoy this colour duo and shown how you can use them in many different styles of home...

Red and Blue Colour Combination

Red and blue sit almost opposite one another on the colour wheel. Both influential colours in their own right, they evoke strong responses when used in the home.

Red has a dual identity signifying both love and danger. And it is because of these powerful associations that individuals can sometimes be reluctant to use such a dominant colour in their home.

Blue on the other hand is a calming and stimulating hue proven to help with mental clarity, lowering the heart rate, and inspiring creativity. A versatile colour with a broad spectrum of shades, making it a very popular colour to feature in home decorating.

The reason that red and blue work so well together is that as one excites, the other neutralises. The yin to the others yang, they balance each other beautifully.

Whether you're looking for bold and bright tones to suit a modern home, or a more muted pairing for a traditional scheme, there's a red and blue combo that will work for you...

red-and-blue-decor-ideas red-and-blue-decor-ideas

Country Cottage Red and Blue Interiors

Injecting character and colour into your country cottage, there are is an abundance of red and blue fabric designs that will help to celebrate the charming characteristics of your property. An appealing colour combination that can feature in any room of the house, designs inspired by the countryside including florals and leaf and tree designs can be fashioned into custom-made curtains, blinds, bed canopies or cosy cushions to decorate your rooms. Elevated with red or blue ruffles, fringing or gimp, these pretty details epitomises the beloved country cottage look.

We would suggest choosing fabrics with a light ground cloth to keep your scheme looking bright, and designs that combine bright red with sky blue or royal blue to keep things cheerful. Paint your walls in neutral tones so that patterns stand out, and look for natural cloths like cottons and linens to channel that modest cottage style.

Traditional Red and Blue Room Ideas

Sitting beautifully in traditional homes, red and blue interior schemes can feel timeless and effortlessly stylish. Graceful florals and tree of life designs work wonderfully as window dressings, plus decorative motifs such as paisley prints and damasks can create stunning pieces of upholstery. 

To maintain the modesty of a traditional home, it is key that designs blend into the overall scheme, rather than stand out. To achieve this, feature more muted red and blue tones with off-white or cream-coloured grounds. Complement higher ceilings and greater proportions with larger-scale designs, and style understated plains alongside an elegant embroidery or sumptuous velvet to add a touch of opulence whilst also remaining grounded.

Eclectic Red and Blue Interiors

Combining designs from multiple periods and interior styles, eclectic décor brings your home to life with a mix and match of pattern, colour and texture. Embracing this enjoyable colour duo in its most dramatic form, these exciting living rooms feature red and blue designs across every surface possible. Bold upholstery and soft furnishings accompany busy wallpapers and textured accessories; this looks particularly lends itself to featuring matching fabric and wallpaper designs.

The magic of not adhering to any one, particular style, means that eclectic interiors can be experimental. Combining a variety of shades within the same room; from primary reds and blues at one of end the spectrum, to navy and burgundy at the other, the commonality between each design is their fullness and colour. Uninterrupted pattern and an absence of white space fosters the intensity and visual depth that eclectic decor enjoys, from walls to flooring, furniture to lampshades, and beyond...

Young Modern Red and Blue Rooms

Trend-led interiors that embrace the fun of home décor, young modern schemes lend themselves to this popular palette. Vibrant and inviting, the contrast between the two colours evokes a youthful tone to the room. Look for striking ikat fabrics and geometric wallpapers to add energy to the walls, or modern takes on traditional designs like stripes and bird mofits that feel fresh and cheerful.

If you are styling in your first home and / or rented accommodation, we suggest investing in a single focal element in the room. Whether that be statement curtains, an eye-catching feature wall or some budget conscious scatter cushions, the rest of the scheme can remain relatively neutral. Styled alongside hand-me-downs from Mum and Dad, or thrifted treasures from a second hand store, the captivating nature of red and blue is powerful enough to command the room, however minimal its presence.

Red and Blue Coastal and Outdoor Ideas

Capturing the serenity of a nautical home, red and blue looks wonderful in both coastal inspired interiors and outdoor spaces. The warming properties of red and the coolness of blue simulates a hot summers day by the sea, and when paired with crisp white paintwork, you can very quickly create a space that feels relaxed and inviting.

Coastal patterns are very popular as fabrics, wallpapers and outdoor materials and there are a great deal of patterns to choose from. Begin with your favourite red and blue design and place it centrally within your room. Next, using the shades that appear within the pattern, match a mixture of seaside stripes, nautical motifs and plain fabrics to expand your scheme. If it is looking a little too uniform, add some depth with pops navy and blazing red, or temper a very bold scheme with pale greys or pastel blues to soften the look.

Successfully recreated in many different styles of home, coastal interior offer a very distinct look, but one that endures through ever-changing trends and will be enjoyed for years to come.

red blue coastal rooms red blue coastal rooms

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