Why Grey Doesn't Have to Be Boring

15th February 2023

It’s dark in the morning, dark in the afternoon, and the weather is looking increasingly grey and miserable. So you’d be mad to bring grey into your home, right? Wrong.

Grey is a smart adaptable shade that’s ideal as a backdrop or a centre piece. It can promote peace and balance, or help you create a look that stimulates the senses.

Either way, when used carefully, grey has the ability to create a stunning space. With a little practice, it can become a classic colour you turn to, time and time again. We’ve put together some top tips for using it in your home...

Find the Right Shade:

All literary puns aside, it’s important to remember that there are different shades of grey. It is integral to creating the perfect space that you choose the right one...

Pale Grey Room Ideas

Grey Room IdeasGrey Room Ideas

Pale greys are perfect for creating a sense of calm and tranquillity, and work well in bathrooms and bedrooms.

They sit wonderfully with pastel colours such as lilac and mint green or simply accents of white for a pleasing and serene look. To create an effortless coastal vibe, team light grey with colours such as beige, pale blue, and brown.

Using neutral linen fabrics and weathered wooden elements make it easy to create a relaxed feel. Whereas, including a striped throw or cushion will add the perfect hint of colour.

As well as creating simple modern charm, pale grey can also be used to accentuate period features in a more traditional space.

Highlight the skirting or wainscoting on a pale grey wall by painting it bright white. Then team it with reflective surfaces such as polished wooden floors or large mirrors for a smart look that oozes grandeur.

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Medium Grey Room Ideas

Grey Room IdeasGrey Room Ideas
Modern Grey InteriorsModern Grey Interiors

Mid-grey can look too dark if it’s not paired with the right elements. The good news is you can easily create an uplifting space by teaming it with accents of yellow or terracotta. These bright and rich tones create an uplifting room and provide extra depth, respectively. This balances out the sometimes flatness of a medium grey tone.

Adding angles through furniture and accessories with straight lines creates instant retro charm. This looks especially spectacular with these colour combinations.

Moreover, they all work brilliantly in gender neutral spaces such as the living area in a shared apartment. The result is a fun and funky room with plenty of character.

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Charcoal Grey Room Ideas

Charcoal Grey Room IdeasCharcoal Grey Room Ideas

Charcoal is by far the shade of the moment and works with a range of other colours. For an extremely sophisticated yet downplayed look that will suit any room of the house, pair it with statement furniture. This may include pile rugs and leafy foliage. Use it to enhance rather than overshadow your scheme by simply painting an accent grey wall rather than the whole room.

Alternatively use it as part of a bold print with further uplifting shades like white, yellow, and pale blue. This can also be part of a feature wall or can be used all around a room as part of an eclectic interior design theme.

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Consider the Undertones

Floral Grey BedroomFloral Grey Bedroom
Grey Wallpaper IdeasGrey Wallpaper Ideas

Understanding the undertones present in the colours you use in your home is the key to success. As with many other colours, grey is very rarely pure grey. It will usually have one of three undertones: blue, green or purple.

Greys with blue undertones are at the coolest end of the spectrum and are ideal for bringing light and calm to a space. Strike a balance by adding cosy and comfortable furnishings and colours such as brown and green to keep things from getting too icy.

Green-based greys are subtle yet comforting and work wonderfully in kitchens and hallways, especially with natural woods and white accessories. It's important to ensure that you have a lot of natural light coming into the space or it can easily look dreary.

Greys with purple undertones are warmer than those with blue or green, and can just as easily be used to create a stunning place. Mid greys with purple undertones can look very smart when placed in a simple scheme. Light greys, on the other hand, tend to look quite feminine. This makes them perfect for a powder room or little girls’ bedroom.

Make the Undertones Work for You

A quick way to bring the scheme of your room together is by using a piece of artwork that you want to take centre stage. Simply place this piece against a grey wall with undertones that are in the artwork's palette. The result will be a stylish and harmonious look.

Grey Needs Light

Grey Pattern WallpaperGrey Pattern Wallpaper
Grey Feature Wallpaper Grey Feature Wallpaper

One of the most important things to consider when introducing grey into your home is the amount of natural light available. If you have a space that doesn’t see the sun for most of the day, you should consider using grey as an accent shade instead.

If you have some light to work with, you can accentuate it by using a grey paint with a gloss finish. Otherwise, you can use a grey wallpaper with an iridescent sheen.

You can also use shiny grey tiles or metallic gold or copper accessories. These work especially against dark grey for a smart polished look with a dramatic effect.

In contrast, using light-reflective pale greys will produce a much simpler, edgier look.

Texture! Texture! Texture!

Grey Table LampGrey Table Lamp
Grey Texture for InteriorGrey Texture for Interior

One problem that can occur when using the colour grey is that is can look very flat. Texture is the way to overcome this.

Woven rugs, distressed furniture and endless patterns work to lift greys, especially pale ones. For a modern space, use either geometric forms, such as chevrons, or organic textures like marble to really make the colour work.

This look is bang on trend at the moment and so easy to produce. Get creative with a sponge when applying grey to your wall or paint exposed brickwork for the ultimate in contemporary style.

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